Be Ready for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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AED Challenge provides CPR/AED practice and testing with realistic scenarios.

CPR/AED skills decline significantly within a few months after a CPR class—as much as 85%! Read more

The AED Challenge program gives regular practice so you are confident and ready to respond in a real emergency. Features

Proven Effective

In a study published in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine, the AED Challenge program was proven as effective as instructor-led refresher training. The program is designed for lay people, EMTs and other CPR/AED-trained professionals.

Used by Fortune 500 Companies & Federal Agencies

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The AED Challenge program is used by over 500 organizations worldwide including Fortune 500 companies, home AED owners, governments, schools, universities, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, emergency services, security services, airports, sports complexes, public access defibrillation (PAD) sites and non-profits. Pricing

Takes 10 Minutes

You can quickly refresh your CPR and AED skills a few times a year. Real-life cardiac arrest scenarios give immediate feedback and guidance that is proven to maintain your skills. Try demo

You receive e-mail reminders when refreshers are due. Regular practice gives you confidence and improves skills retention.

Documents Competence

Performance summary

The website stores your test scores and reports. The program advises you when you make a mistake and rewards you for good performance.

Test results are emailed to your AED coord-inator. View performance reports for your entire organization, a department or an individual.

You receive e-mail reminders when refreshers are due. Regular practice gives you confidence and improves skills retention.

Custom Options

The program easily adapts to your needs. It includes a full set of administrator features to add users, monitor performance and customize your training.

  • Dozens of scenarios
  • Child and female patients
  • Performance reports (email & online)
  • Custom messages/notices
  • Text AED prompts
  • Troubleshooting scenarios
  • Customizable testing schedule
  • Email reminders
  • Tutorial, practice and test modes
  • Advanced test scenarios
  • Free CPR/AED course
  • Hands-only CPR
  • Custom Compression/Breath ratios
  • Audio
  • Bag-valve mask
  • Infant/Child electrodes
  • Troubleshoot percent
  • Initial pulse check
  • Pulse check after analysis
  • Full-auto or semi-auto AEDs
  • Custom CPR times
  • Scoreboards

Engage Your Responders

The optional scoreboards show the best performances and motivate responders to compete for high scores.


Capture Performance Data

The AED Challenge program documents your AED/CPR skill abilities. Reports show scenario scores, time to shock and user errors. Group reports show how your sites compare to one another.

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Average Score:


Error Messages:
Scenario 1: +100 point bonus: first shock under 60 sec (100)
Scenario 2: Didn’t start CPR soon enough (-50)
Scenario 3: Did not clear during analysis (-75); +100 point bonus: first shock under 60 sec (100)

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