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New Features
General FAQs

New Features

1. What is the Advanced Test?
The advanced test is similar to the standard test except the three test scenarios are more difficult and present a variety of troubleshooting situations. Also, the advanced test includes a short quiz on a range of CPR and AED topics. The advanced test is optional; you select it from the main menu after you have clicked the Start AED Challenge button.

2. How do I update to the 2010 CPR Guidelines?
For Physio-Control Heartsafe Solutions customers, AED Challenge program will automatically upgrade to 2010 CPR Guidelines when you renew your CPR card with an instructor and the new training date is entered in or transferred to AED Challenge program. In addition, all users can have their group or subgroup administrator log in and override the 2005 setting for your subgroup/site (see next item 3 below).

3. Can I update my entire site to 2010 Guidelines?
A subgroup admin (site coordinator) can override the 2005 setting for all individuals at your site.

1) Go to and log in with your username and password.
2) Click the Subgroup Info button in the left column.
3) Click Edit next to the site you want to update/override.
4) Click the checkbox next to 2010 Guidelines (subgroup override) in the Options row. There should be a checkmark in the checkbox.
5) Click the Submit Subgroup Updates button.

Click here for more information on 2010 Guidelines.

4. How can I show scores for the top scores at my site or organization?
For subgroup admins (site coordinators), log in to and click Subgroup Info in the left column. Click Edit next to the site you want to update. Click the Show Highest Test Scores for Your Subgroup (Site) checkbox and click Submit Subgroup Updates.

A group admin can show the group scoreboard by going to the Group Info page and selecting the group scores option. The scoreboards appear on the AED Challenge home page when users log in.  

5. How can I show a custom notice to users at my site?
For subgroup admins (site coordinators), log in to and click Subgroup Info in the left column. Click Edit next to the site you want to update. Click Show Custom Notice/Message, type your message in the text entry box and click Submit Subgroup Updates. The message will be shown whenever someone at your site starts the AED Challenge program.  

6. What is “CPR Percent” that I see on the scenario summary page?
CPR Percent has been added to emphasize to responders the importance of minimizing interruptions in CPR. It shows the percent of the total scenario in which chest compressions were done. CPR Percent also is called “chest compression fraction.” You can improve it byreducing the number and length of interruptions in chest compressions.


1. Why is AED Challenge running very slowly or not responding to my mouse clicks?
If the AED Challenge program runs slowly or sluggishly, you should close other programs that are open on your computer and RE-START your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox). If that doesn't work RE-START your computer.

If the program "freezes up" during a scenario or when you click the test button, try freeing up memory on your computer by closing other programs that are open (e.g., email, word processors) and re-starting your web browser. Also, restaring your computer may help.

This will clear a memory-related problem associated with Windows XP and the newer Adobe Flash Player. Contact us at for more information.

2. I forgot my username and password. How can I retrieve them?
Go to Click the Log in Help link below the Password field at the top of the page.

3. Why do I get a blank screen when I click Start AED Challenge?
It is likely that Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher is not installed on your computer. Check for the Flash Player as described below (How do I install Flash Player?).

It is possible that your organization's Internet security is denying access to the files. If Flash Player 10 is correctly installed, please contact your IT department and request access to the domain. If your organization uses a Citrix network, this might be preventing access to Flash applications.

4. AED Challenge won’t finish downloading. What’s the problem?
It is likely that Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher is not installed on your computer. Check for the Flash Player as described below. Also, try clearing your temporary Internet files (cache) in Windows Internet Explorer:

1. Open the browser then on the top menu click Tools > Internet Options
2. Click Delete files. (or Delete Temporary Internet Files)
3. Close the browser and restart it.

Finally, make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is set to allow (Tools > Internet options > Privacy).

5. How can I check if my computer has Flash Player?
Adobe Flash Player is required to use the AED Challenge program. A simple test can be done for Flash Player on the AED Challenge Help page by clicking the Test My System link. This will display a page that detects your Flash Player.

6. How do I install Flash Player?
Adobe Flash Player is a free download at or by clicking here. Your organization’s IT department may have to install this for you since many organizations don't give installation permission.

7. I took a test, but there are no test scores under Reports?
Be sure you click the grey Submit scores and quit button at the bottom of the Summary page after the test third scenario. You must be in the TEST mode to submit test results.

If there is a connection problem between the AED Challenge website and your computer, you will see a prompt asking you to print your test results locally. If you do not see a prompt to print your test results, it is likely your scores were not sent to the AED Challenge website. Check the Reports page of the AED Challenge website (click Reports in the left column) to see if your test results are there.

Also, make sure you have taken the AED Challenge test by clicking "Start AED Challenge" and not another course such as the 2010 Guidelines Update course or taking the demo. If you did not print your test results and they do not appear on the Reports page you must take the test again.


General FAQs

1. How do I add or remove people from my site/subgroup?
For those with administrator credentials, click Individual Info (in the left column) and then Add Individual to set up additional accounts. Edit lets you edit an account. A new user is sent a welcome message after his or her account is created.

For Physio-Control Heartsafe Solutions customers: send the individual's name, instructor-led CPR/AED training class date, and email address to (888-627-0007).

2. What’s a passing score?
You must obtain an average score of 1000 points or higher for the three test scenarios to pass. Your organization’s AED policy will dictate what you can do if you don’t pass a test. You can re-take a test if you’d like to improve your score.

3. How do I change the AED model I see in scenarios?
You must have group subgroup administrator credentials to do this procedure. To start, click the Options button on the AED Challenge home page.

NOTE: Changing the AED model resets your scenario and AED settings to the default settings. Write down any settings before you change the default AED model. To view your current settings click the Edit AED Options link on the AED Options page. Go back to the AED Options page by clicking the Return to Subgroup AED Options link.

Next, from the AED Options page use the pull down menu under Select Default AED to choose an AED. Click the Select button to activate your choice.

If you want to change the default scenario and AED options now click Edit AED Options. (see next item)

4. How can I change options such as CPR time or add a female scenario?
You must have administrator credentials to do this procedure (i.e., Group or Subgroup Admin). From the AED Options page your can configure AED Challenge to match your local AED protocols.

Start by going to the AED Options page from the home page by clicking the Options button.

NOTE: Don't click the Select button during this procedure. Clicking the Select button reselects your AED model and resets your scenario and AED settings to the default settings.

Click and then select an AED in the dropdown menu and clicking the Select button.

To edit the options for your newly selected AED click Edit AED Options link. The Options give control over scenario parameters and other program functions. Only administrators (i.e., Group and Subgroup Admins) designated by your organization have access to these options.

5. How do I view or print my test scores?
1) On the left side of the AED Challengehome page (after you've logged in), click the Reports button.
2) Use your browser’s Print command, for example, right click the mouse button and select Print.