How To Tell If Your Organization Is Prepared

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any time. Did you know AED Challenge offers a report that shows how your AED-trained responders are performing?

The AED Challenge Performance Report lets you monitor skill performance at your organization's sites and gauge each site's preparedness. Program managers can compare different sites within their organization and benchmark against other AED Challenge users. Also, you can see which sites are active and completing their online refreshers.

At a glance, site coordinators can review who is participating in online refreshers and how they are scoring on tests.

Here’s a sample of the Performance Report:

AED Challenge Performance Report

Acme Corporation

Responder Status

Trained in 2010
All Acme Corporation 25 21 4 20
Accounting Department 5 4 1 0
Engineering Department 7 6 1 7
Legal Dept 7 5 2 7
Sales and Marketing Dept 3 3 0 3
Security Team 3 3 0 3

Test Performance

Shock Time
All AED Challenge 1,235 65 47
All Acme Corporation 1,228 62 52
Accounting Department 1,156 66 48
Engineering Department 1,220 70 47
Legal Dept 1,040 62 45
Sales and Marketing Dept 1,275 63 48
Security Team 1,270 65 44

To view your Performance Report online:

1. Log in to

2. Click Group Info or Subgroup Info in the left column.

3. Click "View report" under Performance Report.


To receive a monthly Performance and Missed Test Report via email:

1. Log in to

2. Click Group Info or Subgroup Info in the left column.

3. Click Edit next to your organization or subgroup’s name.

4. Check the Send Performance and Missed Test Report (monthly) checkbox.

5. Click Submit Group/Subgroup Updates button.