2010 CPR Guidelines

Every five years, the American Heart Association (AHA) updates their CPR and emergency cardiac care (ECC) guidelines. These reflect the latest available scientific information. The 2010 CPR Guidelines make important changes in how CPR is done. Do you know what has changed?

Highlights of the 2010 Guidelines or full text of the 2010 Guidelines. (external website)

2010 CPR Guidelines Course
To brush up on the 2010 Guidelines, AED Challenge subscribers may wish to complete the optional 2010 CPR Guidelines Update Course.

The course takes approximately 15 minutes and covers the major changes to CPR in the 2010 Guidelines. Note: Completing this course does not renew your CPR card.

To take the online 2010 CPR Guidelines Update Course log in to AED Challenge and click the link to the course on the home page.