2010 CPR and ECC Guidelines

The AED Challenge program has been updated to meet the American Heart Association’s 2010 CPR and ECC Guidelines. If you are currently using the 2005 Guidelines, AED Challenge will continue to display your scenarios using the 2005 Guidelines until you renew your CPR card.

Your AED program manager or coordinator can upgrade your AED Challenge program to 2010 Guidelines at any time. See below under How to Transition to 2010 Guidelines for more information.

Learn more about the 2010 Guidelines themselves in the AHA's Highlights document. (click "Learn More" to download the Highlights PDF; external website).

What's New in AED Challenge
There are several import changes you will notice in the 2010 Guidelines AED Challenge program. Look these over before taking the test:

Call for Help button is now called Get Help. Clicking this button sends a bystander to call 911 and get the AED. The AED will arrive at some point after you start the initial steps so continue doing the steps of CPR until it arrives.

Check Breathing button is new. This step involves a quick scan of the chest. If you see no breathing or gasping only, do chest compressions next. This replaces "look, listen and feel."

• You must do 30 chest compressions before opening the airway and giving two breaths.

Stand Clear button icon (last button on the right) has been updated.


changes to buttons

Also you will notice that CPR Percent ("compression fraction") has been added to the scenario Summary page to emphasize the importance of minimizing interruptions in CPR. A score above 30% is good and means you kept CPR going as much as possible during the scenario. This score depends on the length of the scenario and the number of shocks delivered.

Finally, an optional Advanced Test mode is now available with new challenging scenarios. In addition, you must take a five-question quiz covering a range of CPR and AED topics. Answer all questions correctly and you will earn bonus points on your test scenario.

Read more about all the new features in the AED Challenge program.

2010 CPR Guidelines Course
Before upgrading to the 2010 Guidelines AED Challenge program, you may wish to complete the optional 2010 CPR Guidelines Update Course available at aedchallenge.com. There is no charge for this online course for current AED Challenge subscribers.

The course takes approximately 15 minutes and covers the major changes to CPR in the 2010 Guidelines. The quiz results are stored in the AED Challenge website so you can monitor who has completed it. Note: Completing this course does not renew your CPR card.

Take the online 2010 CPR Guidelines Update Course. (optional, for AED Challenge subscribers only)

How to Transition to the 2010 Guidelines
For individuals, the AED Challenge program will automatically upgrade to 2010 Guidelines when they renew their CPR cards with an instructor and the new training date is entered in or transferred to the AED Challenge website.

You are not required to retrain on the new guidelines until your current CPR card expires; however, your organization may choose to upgrade to the 2010 Guidelines AED Challenge program at any time.

If you want to upgrade to the 2010 Guidelines AED Challenge program before CPR card renewal and your AED program manager approves, your AED site coordinator should log in to AEDChallenge.com and select 2010 Guidelines (subgroup override) and click Submit on the Subgroup Info page (click the Subgroup Info button on home page and then click Edit next to your site name). Group Administrators must do this for each subgroup/site in their organization to upgrade each of their sites.

The decision to upgrade now is with your organization's AED program manager or site managers. If you do nothing, the upgrade will occur for each user after renewing his or her CPR card and the training date (CPR card renewal date) is updated in the AED Challenge database.

Remember, ultimately your organization must decide how to implement training for the transition to the 2010 Guidelines. Here are some possible training/transition options: 

A) update now after an instructor-led training class
B) update now with online update course only
C) wait until CPR card are renewed

Read more information on the 2010 Guidelines (external link to AHA, click "Learn More" to download the Highlights PDF).

For questions contact help@aedchallenge.com